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March 08, 2008

The first real life LOP application!

Today TeamCity project migrated to a new bug tracker system. TeamCity is an amazing product and Jolt finalist in Collaboration/Project Management tools categories, but it is not the point.

This event is noteworthy because the bug tracking system the TeamCity project has migrated to (codename Charisma) is a product which is completely developed in MPS.
It is not a ‘Hello world’ kind. It is quite exquisite and capable web application which we have been using internally for a while and now it is available for external users.

Charisma is 100% developed using the language oriented approach and its deployment code is 100% generated. Really, it's the 200% LOP application!:)

The Charisma solution includes about 50 model files of total size about 10MB. Concurrently, the Charisma team created dozens of DSLs which cover all required problem domains from general domains like XML to more narrow ones like RSS to most specific like ‘user management’.

The Charisma development has also generated a great deal of feedback which led to vast improvements of MPS performance, UI and ‘language design’ languages (aka bootstrap languages). MPS is becoming a really great tool!

Posted by Igor Alshannikov at March 8, 2008 04:43 AM


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